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Full service design studio with more than 20 years experience creating graphic, marketing and promotional materials for start-ups through multi-national companies.

Menzel Design provides the expertise and talent to offer solutions that will help elevate your business and products to the next level.
  Whether driving sales for retailers or providing diversified
  communications, we have the solution to meet the highest expectations.

Our premier sending technology provides the opportunity to create, send, and track the highest quality html messages, while providing the best in deliverability. Cost-effective rates only apply to the messages you send and not by the size or your list.

We keep it simple and effective. There are many online tools out there to send and track emails, but none as affordable and effective as our ECMS (email and contact messaging system). Our simple to use setup and deployment panels enable you to build from provided templates or custom construct. It's straight forward with all the versatility you would want without being overwhelming.

Our plans include everything you need to construct and send professional emails and provide full reporting tools. Utilize our simple-to-use tools, templates and ideas to create your own branded communications and marketing campaigns. Or, if you prefer we can set-up your initial branded template and you can take it from there for subsequent email campaigns.
e-Marketing solutions
The best way to send to prospects and customers.
Pay only for what you send
Your contact list may be long and your frequency of your email campaigns may vary, so use the contact tool that stays flexible to best fit your needs. Structured for the real-world, ECMS fits what most business owners want for their e-marketing.

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